Money Heist Journey from Failure to Success

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This story has been started in the year 2017, from the beginning they had put the effort in a such a creative way in that this series become popular in the future as well as one unique iconic symbol of this series.

To embark with, they have created iconic mask and costume by The artist and artist has done his job precisely. After that they had started work for season 1, It had taken a few months to complete season 1. Initially, it was produced by Spanish TV channel Antena 3. Moreover, they had got 4.3 Million view to a good start. To become popular, viewers play a vital role in that.

Hence, season 1 was popular in that time so the team has decided that they will release the 2nd season of Money Heist. So they have started shooting season 2 and after few months they had finished season 2 and release on the same TV channel. unfortunately in season 2 popularity was decreasing day by day and almost 50% down than the previous one and that process continued so everyone was thinking that this is finished. They have decided to finish this series here and the Money Heist team was literally crying on the last day. that moment was very sad and they not willing to do but they must have to.

To become success Failure is the first step, like a movie story whenever a hero will become everything goes well same happen with this Money Heist story, In the end, Netflix comes into this picture and they decided to produce this series on Netflix. Netflix blow this series and the output of this are unbelievable. after the release on Netflix, every hour thousands of followers increased in the Money Heist hero’s Instagram account. Laymen are crazy about this series and they purchase this costume and mast in the shop and they make a tattoo on his body.

Now this series is Netflix production and this series got 2nd rank. Not only mast and costume popular but there are songs also popular in the market. “Bella Ciao” is one of the popular songs in the Money Heist. In youtube, many versions available for this song only and instrumental also available.

My personal opinion is you guys just need to watch this series, it’s a very entertaining series.

Popular Songs From Money Heist

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